Parent Advocacy Mentor Program

This 8-week 25-hour intensive certification program is designed for parents, caregivers, and professionals who work with special needs children. Participants learn the skills necessary to become peer mentors for other parents and effective advocates for grassroots campaigns designed at improving access to quality health care and education, affordable housing, transportation and jobs for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Each three-hour class includes a lecture, classroom exercises, and reading materials. Topics include counseling parents through stages of grief; representing special needs children at an IEP; identifying the rights of a disabled child under the law; accessing vital early intervention and behavioral therapy services; and developing and implementing grassroots advocacy strategies to effectuate systemic societal change. Upon completion of the program, each graduate receives an advocacy certification and is inducted into SNN’s Parent Advisory Council.

Classes are FREE and held every other Saturday on a quarterly basis. Child care, breakfast and all materials are provided.

To sign up for the next cycle of PAM, please e-mail or call 213-389-7100.

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